[eng] As some of you may know I recently took down my 225gl reef. I was going to leave the state for a few months and had to sell off the system. I’m sure I could have found someone to watch the tank but I really felt that I needed a fresh start upon returning. I needed something new, fresh and challenging. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it I no longer have to leave the state. Such is life I guess. I was really looking forward to the long trip. Now unlike many of the build threads out there you won’t find too many gadgets in my tank. My tanks have always been run low tech. The new tank will not run UV, CA Reactor, Controller, wave maker, or Kalk stirrer. I have run all of these devices at some point in the past and find them excessive and not needed to achieve great results.(in my case) [/eng] 你们可能已经收到风,我这个900L的缸(译者注:另一个墙缸)准备要撒掉了,因为我准备离开这个城市,这个缸也不得不卖掉,我知道有些朋友和我一样舍不得这个缸,但我真的想从头开始。我需要一些全新,有挑战性的事情来刺激我的血液,很可惜的是,最终我还是得离开,就像我想像的那样,我需要一个悠长假期。这个缸并不像你们看到其它的缸一样,它没有太多的器材,也没有高科技含量,没有用UV,钙反,控制器,造浪器,石灰水。实际这些设备我全都用过,但我发现,要达到好的效果,这些全都不是必需的 [eng] Display Tank 48" x 24" x 20" Rimless 100 gallons from http://www.miraclesaquariums.com/ 2 Sided Starphire glass( Front and left side) Right Side Corner Overflow with 1" return and 1.5" drain [/eng] 主缸 120cm x 60cm x 50cm 没拉筋 400L,双面水晶玻璃,正面和左边 右边是溢流槽 1寸上水,1.5寸下水 [eng] Stand The stand is hand built and tiled. No equipment will be under the tank. The sump and all equipment will be located in the room directly behind the tank. [/eng] 底柜 底柜是人工贴瓷的,里面没有放任何的器材,底缸和所有的器材都放在缸背后的房间 [eng] Sump Existing 45 gallon AGA tank [/eng] 底缸 180L的AGA成品缸 [eng] Water Movement Ehiem 1260 for Return pump 1 Un-modded Tunze 6025 Nano Stream Vortech Mp40w Vortech Mp20 2 Un-modded Tunze 6045’s Nano Streams(now in sump) Lighting Aquactinics Constellation 7x54W T5 The fixture will be hung from the ceiling The bulbs will consist of the following: 3-ATI Aquablue Special 4- ATI Blue+ 1-Aquascience 22k After running high powered Metal Halides for years I decided to change things up a bit. After running the fixture over my holding tank I can tell you that the color combo is outstanding. Along with the great color and output the unit runs very cool and quiet. [/eng] 造流 Ehiem 1260上水泵 6025吞屎 x 1 Vortech MP40w Vortech MP20 6045吞屎 x 2 (后来放到底缸) 光照 Aquactinics Constellation 7x54W T5HO 吊天花安装 光管组成 AquaBlue special (水族蓝) x  3 ATI管 ATI蓝管  x 4 AquaSience 22k色温 x 1 在用了多年的HQI后,我决定换一下T5ho试试,我要告诉你,t5ho打出来的色非常漂亮,而且灯架既凉快又安静 [eng] Skimmer Existing Deltec AP851 I am hoping that this will not be over kill on a smaller tank such as this. Worst case scenario I can just feed the fish more; I’m sure they won’t mind. Calcium and Alk Addition Randy’s Two Part Solution I ran both a CA reactor and Kalk Stirrer in the past and honestly have had better results will a simple DIY two part solution. I may also look into the Balling Method, but for now I am happy with the two part solution. Substrate The bottom of the tank will be covered with a SSB consisting of . CaribSea Seaflor Special Grade Reef Sand [/eng] 化蛋 Deltec AP851 我只是希望这个化蛋不要超载了,在我的小缸里就像大炮打蚊子,不过大不了我就喂多些吃的给鱼儿,我想它们一定求之不得 钙反和KH添加 我之前一直用钙反和石灰水反应器,但后来,我只需要用DIY的滴定就能达到更好的效果,我也要看Balling method(滴定法),但是现在,滴两种(CaCl, NaHCO3)也很理想 底沙 CaribSea Seaflor Special Grade Reef Sand [eng] Filtration and supplements Carbon in a Phosban reactor Microbacter7 Prodibio Reef Booster Vodka Lugol’s Solution Reef Crystals Salt [/eng] 过滤和添加剂 Microbacter7 (一种增氧称定水质的添加剂) Prodibio Reef Booster (珊瑚粮) 活性炭,在磷酸盐去除器中 伏特加 Lugol's solution 碘添加剂 红十字珊瑚盐 2009五月 2009 四月 2009二月25号 2009二月9号