This past weeekend at the BayMAC event we were fortunate enough to get some face time with EcoSystem Aquarium creator Leng Sy who among other things, told us about a fabulous German reef aquarium using Miracle Mud. The EcoSystem aquarium of Markus Resch is an exemplary slice of reef with more corals and diversity than you can shake a frag at. This EcoSystem aquarium exhibits such tight nutrient cycling that Markus intentionally adds ammonium chloride (NH4Cl) to his tank on a daily basis to keep his corals from bleaching even though his tank is filled with invertebrates and highly active anthias fish which he feeds on a constant basis. The prolific growth of this truly mixed reef aquarium is so rampant that Markus harvests between 50-100 frags each month just to keep the growth in check. Follow the break for the video interview of Markus Resch by Scott Michael with commentary from Leng Sy and a lot more footage of this epic reef.

在过去的一个周六,BayMac的聚会中,我们有幸碰到EcoSystem的发明者Leng Sy.他说有一个超漂亮德国的珊瑚缸使用魔术泥,这个EcoSystem鱼缸的生物都是满满的,多到你要剪下来做断支.这个EcoSystem的系统,由 于超低的营养盐,需要每天添加阿摩尼阿(NH4CL),否则由于营养盐过低,珊瑚会白化,虽然已经添加了大量的无脊椎生物还有一大堆的宝石石,并且维持均 衡的喂食,这个缸的SPS生长可以用疯狂来形容,每个月需要剪出50~100个断支,这也是观察珊瑚是否健康的一种途径。这个图片是Markus Resch和Scott Micahel拍的,加上Leng Sy的一些注解