[eng] AQUARIUM DATA AQ. Information 200x100x60 - Display Tank 100x65x45 - propagation tank 130x60x52 - Sump Volume ~ 395 US gallons Lighting T5 - SEE DETAILS BELOW UNDER LIGHTING [/eng] 鱼缸资料 200cm x 100cm x 60cm 主缸 100cm x 65cm x 45cm 繁殖缸 130 x 60 x 52cm 底缸 总水量 1200L 光照 T5 下面有介绍 [eng] System parameters Alkalinity: 7,5 Calcium: ~430 mg pH: 8,1-8,2 Magnesium: 1360-1390 mg Temperature: 26 Po4 (Phosphate): 0,01-0,03 mg No3 (Nitrate): generally 0-1 mg Salinity: 35 PSU Density: 1.026 Kg/m^3 (@ 25°C – 77°F) Redox: ~ 480 [/eng] 系统参数 KH 7.5 钙 430mg PH 8.1~8.2 镁: 1360 ~1390mg 温度26 PO4 0.01~0.03 mg NO3 0~1mg 盐度 1.026 [eng] The salinity is measured with a Profilux salinity electrode and a refractometer I used to have a 2500 l reef tank for 8 years. Two years ago I moved into a new house. Then I changed everything, I set up a system right from the beginning. It's a 1200 l tank with corals grown from fragments. [/eng] 盐度是由Profilux 电子探头盐度计 量的 我之前有个2500L的大缸,已经8年了,两年前,我住进新的房子,然后我换掉了所有的东西,就是现在的1200L的系统 Profilux salinity electrode(电子盐度计) [eng] Misc. Equipment Two main pumps: Red Devil 16 000 l/h and Red Devil 20 000 l/h Grotech Tec III/IV MORE EQUIPMENT SPECS with DETAILS BELOW. Filtration /Additives SEE BELOW [/eng] 其它设备 两个主泵 Red Devil 16000L/H, Red Devil 20000L/h GroTech 3头和4头滴定 Red Devil 水泵 [eng] Lighting Setup 2 x ATI powermodules: 10x39 W 1 x ATI powermodule: 4x80 W 1 x ATI powermodule: 10x39 W in a small propagation tank Photoperiod 6 bulbs for 12 hours all 14 bulbs for 9 hours [/eng] 光照 2 x ATI T5HO灯架 10 x 39W 1 x ATI T5HO灯架 4 x 80W 1 x T5HO灯架 10 x 39W 用于繁殖缸 开灯时间 6管 每天12小时 其它14根 9个小时一天 [eng] ZEOvit Products 5 drops of Zeobak twice a week 4 drops of Zeostart2 twice a day 2 ml of Xtra daily 3-4 drops of Aminoacid daily 3 ml of B-balance twice a week 6 drops of Coral vitalizer every other day 7 drops of Sponge power twice a week 8 ml Coral snow twice a week 1 teaspoon of Zeozym weekly 6 drops of Kaliumiodid-Fluor twice a week K-balance if needed These are current doses, but I change them if necessary [/eng] Zeovit 产品 5滴Zeobak 两星期一次 4滴ZeoStart2 两天一次 2ml Xtra 每天一次 3~4滴 Aminocaid 每天一次 3ml B-Balance 两星期一次 6滴Coral Vitalize 隔天下 7滴Sponge Power 两星期一次 8ml Coral Snow 两星期一次 Zeozym一茶匙 每星期一次 6滴Kaliumiodid Fluor 两星期一次 K-Balance有需要时才下 这只是目前的设定,有需要会作出调整 [eng] Other Miscellaneous Maintenance Water changes are performed every other week, carbon and zeolites monthly. EQUIPMENT & MAINTENANCE [/eng] 其它维护 隔周换水,每月换活性炭和Zeolites 设备和维护 [eng] Controller: Profilux Ca / KH addition Balling method Reverse Osmosis: 2x RO/DI (150 l/day each) Water Circulation: 2xTunze Turbelle Stream 6200 and Iwaki MD 50 Cooling System: The room is air-conditioned ZEOvit Reaktor KZ Zeovit magnetic M Protein Skimmer: Bubble King 300 Fish Feedings: once or twice a day Additional information AQUARIUM PHOTOS [/eng] 控制器: Profilux CA/KH: 滴定法(Balling Method) 自来水处理(逆渗透): 2x RO/DI (150 l/day each) 水流: Tunz 6200 x 2 还有Iwaki MD50 温控: 有空调 Zeovit Reaktor: KZ Zeovit 镁 化蛋: BK300 喂食: 一天一次或两次 [eng] LETS GET PERSONAL! Occupation? Private company services Family/Single? Married Other Hobbies? Bowling [/eng] 个人信息 职业 私人公司 婚姻 已婚 其它兴趣 保龄球 [eng] Are you a happy ZEOvit user? Yes What/Who got you into the reef hobby? I saw reef in nature, so I got fascinated. Is energy saving a concern for you when purchasing equipment? Not always [/eng] 你喜欢用Zeovit为什么加入珊瑚爱好 在自然界看到,深深地吸引我 [eng] Who do you call for help when you have problems with your aquarium? Krzysztof Tryc Have you ever dived or snorkeled and seen an open reef? Yes: Croatia, Majorca, Malaysia Which is your all time favorite aquarium(s)? Outstanding aquarium of Iwan Lasser and of Krzysztof Tryc ( his tank inspired me). [/eng] 碰到问题你会问谁 Krzysztof Tryc 你有潜过水吗? 有, Croatia, Majorca, Malaysia [eng] SPECIAL THANKS To my wife for her tolerance and to Krzysztof for his help with setting up my system and for giving advice. CAMERA SPECIFICATIONS All of the pictures on this webpage were taken with the following camera: Canon 400 D/Olympus 330 [/eng] 特别鸣谢 谢谢我的妻子, Krzysztof 相机设定 Cannon 400D, Olympus 330 再来一张