NanoReef2008十月每月一微缸 20L水突破极限

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[eng] Tank: ADA Mini-M Rimless (About 5.5 Gallons) Dimensions: 36cm X 22cm X 26cm (14.17in X 8.66in X 10.24in) Type: 4mm, Tempered Glass Stand: Modified Side Table from Target Lighting: Aqua Medic 70 watt Metal Halide Pendant + 2 IceCap 455nm LED's Filtration: NONE - unless you count the 8lbs of Premium Live Rock + 10lbs of Live Sand Circulation: Koralia NANO @ 240gph Heater: 50 watt Azoo Titanium Established October 7, 2007 [/eng] 设定: 主缸:ADA Mini-M 无拉筋 (20.5L) 主缸大小: 36cm x 22cm x 26cm 玻璃: 4mm 钢化玻璃 底柜: 自制改装底柜 光照:  Aqua Medic 70W 卤素灯 + 2 IceCap 455nm LED 过滤: 没有过滤,如果你非要算,就是3.6KG活石和4.5KG活沙 循环: 喜多 造流 960L/每小时 温控: 50W Azoo 发热棒 [eng] From the outset, the idea behind this little aquarium was to create a simple, modern piece of living art as my foray into the saltwater hobby. Careful consideration was given to the fit and function of each piece of equipment, so as to limit anything that would be distracting and/or frivolous, while providing a small environment that would support the widest possible diversity of livestock. Key adjectives were: simple, silent, small and attractive. Hindsight: If I were to start over, I would probably go with a similarly dimensioned drilled tank with starphire glass and some sort of a sump or modified canister filter. [/eng] 哲理 当我开始这个爱好时,我就尽量一切从简,我会认真考虑每一样的器材.尽可能的做到尽善尽美,我想利用这个小缸的环境来模拟海洋生态的多样性 理念: 简单,安静,小而吸引眼球 事后总结: 如果重掰来一次,我会用同样大小的溢流缸并使用超白玻璃,或者是一些造流泵配上滤桶 [eng] I don't own many tools and I do not consider myself particularly talented with DIY projects. I am, however, most certainly a perfectionist with a mild case of OCD that comes in quite handy with projects like this. My first challenge was to find a stand that would both accommodate the new aquarium, and fit my aesthetic requirements. I was quite happy to stumble on a little side table at Target that fit the bill. A bent piece of electrical metallic tubing, spray paint, and a few screws later the basic setup was ready. Materials used to build out the stand: [/eng] 我手头上没有多少工具,自认为不是DIY的爱好者,不过,我还是在开缸时成功做了两个DIY项目,就是我的底柜和LED灯 第一个问题是,我买不到一个合适的柜放我的缸,既符合大小又能满足我的审美观在市场上并不存在.还好,我以合理的价钱找到一些木柜的材料,然好拉上电线,灯架,喷漆,还有上螺丝,基本就完工了 当我将材料准备好后,安装只是花几个小时而已.大部分的时间只是在等待油漆干 可以到这里看到全过程 HQI加装LED全过程 事后总结: 我经常是想到就去动手,这些手工艺活做完以后,对我来说,至少是值得的,我很满意这些DIY的成果,不过建议在你做之前,先计划好,具体内容,可以参考"经验教训"一节 [eng] Once I had all of the supplies, the stand was up in a matter of hours, much of which was waiting for paint to dry. You can see the stand build out here: I later modified my pendant with two 455nm LED's: Hindsight: I was always really intimidated by these kinds of custom build-out projects, but after having done a handful of them now, I can say, at least for me, the juice is worth the squeeze. It is very satisfying to put something like this together, but you definitely should plan on some frustrations along the way. See "Lessons Learned" for some tips. [/eng] [eng] In this hobby, as in life, you get what you pay for. With such a small tank I could afford some hand-picked premium live rock and live sand to get things going on the right foot. I had a rough idea of the layout I was going for, so individually selecting the pieces of LR was very important. I also wanted some bio-diversity, so I mixed 10% Fiji Premium LR with 90% "premium tank cured" rock. [/eng] 在这个爱好里面,你的付出和回报总是成正比的.在这么小的一个缸里,我可以买最好的活石和活沙,我对未来的造景有大致的构思,所以每一块活石对于我来说,选择上由其重要,为了引由微生物,搭配了10%的斐济活石和90%已经处理过的活石 [eng] This being my first saltwater tank, I found the various creatures that came in on the live rock fascinating - and I wasn't the only one. We bought a big magnifying glass, Sherlock Holmes style, and my then 5 year old son loved to inspect the rocks for clues of life. My wife and daughter were also drawn to the new tank, spending a lot of time sitting on the floor in front of the tiny aquarium, watching little pods, starfish, bi-valves and other creatures settle in. [/eng] 这是我第一个海水缸,当发现不断有生物从活石爬出来后,我兴奋极了.而且不单是我,还有我5岁的孩子,我买了个放大镜,我们一起观察活石上带来的生物,感叹大自然的造物之趣又可以和孩子同乐, 老婆和女儿对这个新成员总是带着敬畏的心态,小心的站在小缸面前,盯着海星,小蚌,跳虾,还有其它的生物.看了一次又一次 [eng] While I think I irritated my fair share of folks in the beginning with continual references to my freshwater tanks, it did end up serving me well. Understanding how to correctly cycle a tank and grasping the importance of frequent water changes, especially in the beginning, made the setup process relatively smooth and easy. [/eng] 淡水缸饲养经验也让我在海水缸少走了许多弯路,我明白需要时间让系统成熟并且需要定期定量换水,特别是刚设缸的时候,一切都非常顺利 经验总结: 如果重新来过,我会选用未经处理过的活石,虽然等系统成熟的时间要长很多,但它会带来更多的生物 [eng] Hindsight: If I were to start over, I would probably go with more wild or uncured live rock with a greater bio-diversity in exchange for a longer cycle period. [/eng] [eng] As this is my first saltwater tank, I still consider myself on a fairly steep learning curve when it comes to livestock. The tank has been through a few iterations and changes in stocking. [/eng] 作为第一个海水缸,我堆了两个小山头来放珊瑚,不过这个造景一直在调整. 2007 十月 2007 11月 2008.1 2008.4 2008.7 2008.8 [eng] I started out with a few free zoanthids and a little sliver of orange montipora, which I still have today. I quickly took interest in colorful macro algae and went through a number of them. Some melted, some I got sick of, and some got eaten by my later addition of a couple orange turbo snails. [/eng] 我一开始加了鱼友送的纽扣, 还有红瓦片, 直到今天还一直保留着,然后对海藻痴迷起来,尝试养过市场上所有的海藻,有一些生病, 有一些溶掉,一些给蛇鱼吃掉,陆陆继继就没了. [eng] After adding a bunch of zoanthid colonies I ended up with zoapox, and my sexy shrimp and amphipods made a feast out of most of them. Luckily a few survived and are now starting to turn around. [/eng] 我一直在添加了纽扣,直到它们得了纽扣致命的细菌病,我的性感虾像垃圾工人一样,清掉了不少烂掉的纽扣,幸运的时,有一些存活了下来,它们又慢慢地开了. [eng] Here is a brief stocking history with some comments. Lines with an asterisk (*) are no longer in the tank. [/eng] 下面是一些生物的图片,有(*)号的已经不在缸里了 [eng] I think that most hobbyists would consider this tank "high maintenance." The lack of filtration and skimming makes partial water changes extremely important. Depending on the week I will do 1-2 water changes, removing and replacing about 1 gallon at a time so nothing ends up out of the water, using up to 7 gallons per water change. [/eng] 维护: 我想每一个爱好者都会觉得这个小缸维护成本很高,因为它没有过滤也没有蛋白,所以间断地换水由为重要.一般来说,我会一星期换一到两次水,一次换4L水 [eng] I also do daily (sometimes twice a day) top-offs to maintain a fairly stable Salinity (target 1.026). [/eng] 我每天会测两次盐度,还有通过自动补水来维持盐度和水量,盐度是 1.026 [eng] I typically do not test things unless something looks wrong, but I did run daily tests for a couple of weeks recently to get a gauge for just how much nutrients my tank was using, and adjusted my dosing plan accordingly. For the first several months I added no nutrient supplements, but as my SPS settled in I noticed that my Alk and Ca were being rapidly depleted, so I started dosing 2-part B-Ionic Alk/Ca + Mg. [/eng] 我不特意地去测水质除非看上去有问题的时候,不过我会每两个星期测一下NO3,同时会修正我的滴定设定(KH & CA).在刚开始,我并没有添加任何的喂食,但是我的SPS让KH和钙掉得很快.所以我开始滴定 B-Ionic 2 Par Alk/CA + Mg (钙水,KH水和镁) 一周大约喂Cyclop-eeze南极虾一到三次,在我换水之前,也会喂一次,我的性感虾每次都急不可待,也许它太饿了,我还会喂一点点颗粒饲料,它们狼吞虎咽,开心得很. 关于换水和器材,可以点击这里 [eng] I feed 1-3 times a week with Cyclop-eeze, typically just before a water change or when my sexy shrimp seem a little too hungry. I also feed them some meaty sinking pellets (very little) which they devour happily. More on the methods and equipment I use for water changes can be found here: Some may also be interested in the tools I use: [/eng] [eng]
  • Drill holes from the finished side, down to avoid splitting cheap wood veneer.
  • Grommets make incredible finishing touches.
  • Those things that you use to pinch off hanging wire are called Ferrules.
  • Powerheads:
    • Tunze Universal pump Mini 5024.04 – not enough flow even with 2
    • Maxi/Micro Jet – bulky and not enough flow
    • Rio 50 / 90 – Not enough flow
    • Rio 180 – Good flow but too concentrated
    • Koralia Nano – great flow, evenly dispersed, best so far
[/eng] 经验教训: 造流泵 Tunz Mini 5024.04不够力,即使用两个 Maxi/Micro Jet 太占地方,而且造流不行 Rio 50/90 造流不够 Rio 180 造流OK,不过占地方 喜多Nano 造流够猛,目前正在采用 海葵放进缸里容易,拿下出来难 经常性大量换水不会让你倒缸,相反,带来的好处多多 不要低估藻害 ADA缸是不能钻洞的,因为用的是钢化玻璃 喷漆绝对没有你相像中那么容易使用,不过如果还是希望用的话,也是可以尝试的 没有拉筋的缸会吸引你经常从上到下观察,但同时,你的鱼儿和你一样,从下到上跳出缸外 吃藻螺经常会逃出缸外,而且缸外的动作更有趣 [eng]
  • Flower Anemones are much easier to put in than to take out.
  • The term "Invasive" in Reef-speak translates to "slow growing and easy to manage" in Planted FW
  • Macro algae is really underrated.
  • Orange Turbo snails like macro algae.
  • Frequent, large water changes will NOT crash your tank – quite the opposite.
  • A SW Reef Pico can be done WITHOUT a filter or skimming.
  • You can't drill an ADA tank (something about tempered glass)
  • Spray painting is not as easy as it seems it should be, well not if you want it to look good in the end.
  • A rimless tank is kinda like a bridge with no railing – people are inevitably going to fall off (or fish jump out in my case).
  • Nerites are more interested in what is outside the aquarium
[/eng] 最后总结: 这个小缸肯定会一直走下去,当然免不了会随着时间发生变化.我估计这个缸还会玩一两年,我有四个缸需要维护,另外三个都是淡水缸并备有先进的器材,有可能我会将其中一个淡水缸转成海水,不过现在,我依然对我这个不起眼的微缸很满意 我没有找到比海水缸更有趣的爱好,我想这是是世界上最好的爱好之一 [eng] This tank will surely go through a few more small transformations in its lifetime. I anticipate keeping it going as is for at least another year or two if all goes well. This is one of four tanks I maintain; the other three are high-tech freshwater setups. I may convert one of them over to saltwater in the future, but for now I am happy with this little glass corner of the ocean. I have yet to discover a more interesting,  hko hko , and nuanced form of living art than the aquarium hobby at its best. [/eng]



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