Wawawang [eng] Congratulations to Wawawang for being selected for our May Reef Profile! His 40 gallon nano reef has quickly grown into a stunning coral garden. Below he has written a profile of his aquarium's progress over the past year, and shares his experiences in the hobby. Check it out and share your comments and questions in Wawawang's featured reef profile thread. [/eng] 恭喜Wawawang被选为五月的每月一缸,160L的微缸成为了耀眼的珊瑚花园,下面是此缸的介绍,如果你有什么问题可以点击这里featured reef profile thread讨论 [eng] This is truly a great moment for me and I would like to thank the staff and members of Nano-reef.com for selecting my setup for May 2009 TOTM. I have been a long time nano freshwater hobbyist and eventually got into the freshwater planted Amano setups then into saltwater. My first saltwater setup was an Aquapod 12 which I quickly modified and grew out of and upgraded to my current 40 breeder. [/eng] 真的很高兴能成为五月的每月一缸.谢谢nano-reef所有的鱼友,我先是玩淡水的微缸,然后进而加入海水的队伍.我的第一个海水缸是AquaPod 48L缸.没多久,我就升级到现在的160L缸 [eng] Display: 40 gallon breeder 36" x 18" x 16" Perfecto aquarium. Sump: 20 gallon high Aqueon aquarium. Lighting: Aquactinics 36" TX5 T5 fixture with ATI Blue Special, ATI Actinic Blue, Fiji Purple, ATI Blue Special, and ATI Blue Plus bulbs. Refugium Lighting: 150 watt SunPod Circulation: Vortech MP-40, Koralia 2, Mag 5 sump return pump, and 2 MJ900's in sump to keep detritus suspended. Filtration: Octopus NW-110 protein skimmer, 35 lbs of live rock in the display, 15 lbs in the sump. Controller: Reef Keeper 2 Top-off: JBJ ATO 5.5 gallon reservoir with Aqua Lifter pump Heating: 2 Visitherm 150 watt heaters (for redundancy) Cooling: AZOO 4-fan cooling unit Established May 2008 [/eng] 缸的参数 主缸: 160L 40 90cm  x 45cm x 40cm Perfecto 牌鱼缸 底缸: 80LAqueon 鱼缸 光照: Aquactinics 90cm T5HO x 5管. ATI 蓝色系, ATI太平洋, Fiji蓝, ATI 蓝色系, ATI 深海蓝 微生物缸:150W SunPod 循环: Vortech MP40, 喜多 x 2, Mag 5 主泵. MJ900 x 2放在底缸 过滤:八爪鱼化蛋 NSW-110化蛋器 35磅(15.8KG)活石, 15磅(6.8KG)在底缸 控制器: Reef keeper 2 补水: JBJ 自动补水, 用Aqua Lifter水泵 加慢: 2 x Visiherm 150W 发热棒 制冷: Azoo 4头风扇 2008 五月开缸 [eng] I run carbon 24/7 and only run phosphate media if I notice an increase in algae. I use wally world polyfiber for water polishing. I put the carbon in a mesh bag and throw that in my overflow box with the polyfilter. I also keep a huge ball of cheato in the sump. [/eng] 过滤: 我长期使用活性炭, 只有在发现藻增多时才使用除磷(PO4)滤材. 同时我还使用高密度滤棉,以让水体更清晰 我将活性炭放在滤袋里,然后放在带有滤棉的溢流槽. 我还饲养了一堆的海藻 分子吸附过滤(Molecular Adsorption Filters PolyFilter™ Poly-Bio-Marine [eng] I used to test almost every other day, perform weekly water changes, and dose with Tropic Marine Bio-Calcium. Currently I test calcium and hardness once every two weeks when I do my water change. I used to test magnesium levels, but I reached a point where I could notice bryopsis growing if I needed to increase it. I supplement calcium and alk with Bulk Reef Supply 2-Part, dosed by a very reliable Litermeter III pump from a one gallon reservoir. I change 4 gallons of water with Reef Crystals once every two weeks. I feed my fish once a day, rotating between flakes, pellets, and enriched frozen brine. I try to feed my LPS frozen brine once a week with a baster. [/eng] 维护: 我几乎隔天就测一下水质,每个星期我都会换水,我用TM的生化钙(Tropic Marine Bio-Calcium). 就在我换水的时候,我每两个星期会测一下钙和KH, 我经常测镁,不过当达到一定临界点时,也就是在羽毛藻有生长迹像时,我就需要提高镁的含量 我用Bulk Reef Supply -2 补钙和KH. 用Litermeter III滴定泵滴定. 滴定连接着一个4L的瓶子.我每两个星期用红十字珊瑚盐换16L水. 每天喂一次鱼,不断变换薄片,颗粒,冰冻丰年虾,每周喂LPS冰冻丰年虾 TM的生化钙(Tropic Marine Bio-Calcium) Bulk Reef Supply [eng] I've made a few changes to the system after the initial setup. I removed the black background and moved the aquascape five inches forward to make the tank viewable from all sides. I also purchased another stand and moved the tank 20 inches forward. This allowed me to have room behind the tank for more stuff. I removed the Current Outer Orbit light and replaced it with an Aquantinics TX5 fixture. To improve circulation I removed two MJ900's from the display and purchased a Vortech MP-20, then three months later upgraded it to the MP-40. I wanted more flow, but I'm sure the corals would have been fine with the MP-20. Later I added a Koralia 2 to push water on the rear of the tank, and removed the SQWD after it crapped out on me. [/eng] 历史: 自我开缸以来,基本上没怎么换过设备. 我将黑色的背景板拆掉.然后让活石离缸背隔开10cm,以便在四面都可以看到. 这 样做让我有更多的空间放珊瑚.我将Current Outer Orbit 150W卤素换成Aquantinics TX5 T5HO灯架. 为了增加造流,我将两个MJ900造流泵放在底缸. 然后买了个Vortech MP-20.三个月以后, 我换成MP-40. 我想要更大的造流.不过我知道我的珊瑚在MP-20的照顾下也过得很爽.又过了一段时间,我加了喜多2号造流.用来吹缸背.最后我还将SQWD水流分流器拿走 2008 五月 2008 七月 2008 十月 [eng] My inspirations are Dapellegrini's 5 gallon ADA, B-Dare's 40 breeder, and GobyInPeace's 40 breeder. My goals from day 1 were to have the coral completely hide the liverock, minimize the equipment in the display, and to not lean liverock on the glass walls. Keep it clean! [/eng] 目标: 我 的动力来源于Dapellegrini的20L ADA 微缸(2008 10月),还有B-Dare 160L和GobyInPeace 160L微缸(2009 1月). 我的目标是让珊瑚完全覆盖活石.并且让器材藏起来. 所有活石都不要挨在玻璃上。以保证玻璃永远都是干净透明的 [eng] I planned my system with a great disaster recovery plan. I encourage anyone who is seriously into coral and livestock to have a PLAN! I decided I needed a short term solution as well as long term. Short term: I have a $12 battery powered pump that will automatically turn on if it notices the power is out! This was enough to allow my system to power off while I was at work and not lose anything. My GFCI switched off once while I was at work, another time we lost power for 7 hours while I was at work. $12 potentially saved me hundreds! Long Term: I purchased a 1200 watt generator online that was less than $150. Its still boxed up waiting in storage for when I need it. [/eng] 风险管理 我有一个后备方案,以应对各种灾难性的意外.我鼓励每一个鱼友都认真考虑如何防止意外的发生.同时,我有自己的短期和长期的计划 短期:我有一个价值 $12美元的水泵,他会自动打开,如果停电的话.这足以让我的系统能得以保证,如果我出外和者是工作时.有一次,因为保险闸跳了,当时我正在外工作,结果 $12美元救了我的缸 长期: 我会在网上买一个 1200W的发电机,大约要花$150美金,不过我还没有定下来 [eng] I have treated for red bugs with Interceptor three times and it works great. I had also purchased a maricultured tri-color that I found acropora eating flatworms on after dipping it in iodine, and promptly threw away the entire colony. [/eng] 虫害 我用杜虫药治了了三次"红虫",效果很好. 我还买了人工的SPS,然后发现了 扁虫,我通过滴碘来治疗,不过最终将整颗SPS扔掉了 http://media.photobucket.com/image/Interceptor%20redbug/Jay4Robin/interceptor.jpg Interceptor (杜虫药) [eng] I regret not doing my research on a few purchases. I acquired a rose bubble tip anemone with a psycho maroon clown hosting it. The anemone would constantly move, getting caught in powerheads, and the clown was so aggressive that it caused my other fish to jump out of the water and go carpet surfing. I had to completely drain the tank to get this fish out. I also regret having a DSB in my sump. When I took it out there was loads of bad stuff in it! After I removed it I added two MJ900's to keep the detritus suspended. [/eng] 后悔的事 我最后悔的事是没有做好足够的调查,就买了红色波波葵,好让公子安个家.不过这个海葵很不安份,最后被造流泵搞死了,公子也很凶恶而且经常到地毯上冲浪,还把我的鱼吓到跳缸了.跳到滤槽中,最后我还得拆了滤槽才将它弄出来 我还很后悔在我的底缸用了厚底沙(DSB),当我将它去掉时,里面藏满了垃圾,我还添加了两个MJ900,将缸底吹干净. [eng] I still want to achieve my goal of having the corals completely cover the liverock. I think I am pretty much maxed on SPS and am interested in acquiring LPS and zoanthid/palythoa colonies to fill in the rest. When I replace my bulbs I will go a bluer route since my corals are good sizes. Now I want to work on their color. [/eng] 末来的计划 我希望我的缸能完全盖住活石, 我很喜欢SPS,其它的地方就放LPS和纽扣.如果我换新灯时,我会换一个偏蓝色的灯,因为我喜欢打出来的效果 [eng] I thought aquascaping was enjoyable, but now that I'm in the coralscaping stage its really cool. Getting the right color spread, textures, patterns, and proportions right is a challenge, but very rewarding when looking at the FTS. [/eng] 格言 我觉得造景是很有意思,不过现在,我觉得收集各种不同的靓色珊瑚更为吸引,不同的颜色,不同的纹理,不同形状和大小,虽然对于我来说是一个挑战,但是当我看到全缸照时,还是很值得 [eng]

  • Try to focus on the entire look of the reefscape rather than individual pieces.
  • Be patient!
  • Dosing anything means that you could possibly overdose!
  • Get involved with your local club, they practically give corals away.
  • Anyone can buy expensive corals. The goal is to have the perfect environment to grow them and improve their color.
  • 综合考虑整缸的造景而不某一片的区域
  • 耐心
  • 添加所有的元素表示你已经可能过量添加
  • 加入本地珊瑚俱乐部,他们更实事求是并且会送出一些珊瑚
  • 任何人都可以买很贵的珊瑚,目标是提供一个很好的环境,让它们能够得以生长和增强它的色泽
[eng] You can tell if your magnesium is low if you have bryopsis. Kent Marine Tech M kills this stuff when your magnesium is elevated. Design your setup for easy maintenance, my overflow is 4" x 5" and has enough space for a mesh bag of carbon and polyfiber. This makes it extremely easy to toss the polyfiber and replace it with a new one. [/eng] 小提示 如果你的镁如果太低的话,你就会爆发羽毛Kent Marine Tech M(镁添加剂)可以杀死它们,在设缸时要考虑维护时候要简单,我的滤槽有10cm x 12.5cm,有足够的地方能放活性炭和高密度滤棉, 这样我更换这些滤材时也会变得相当简单. http://www.kentmarine.com/products/kent-tech-m-magnesium.htm Kent Marine Tech M