NanoReef2009六月每月一微缸 迷你大堡蕉

[eng] Congratulations to Mini_GBR for being selected for our June Reef Profile! His 24 gallon nano reef has matured into a beautifully diverse ecosystem. Below he has written a profile of his aquarium's progress over the past three years, and shares his experiences in the hobby. Check it out and share your comments and questions in Mini_GBR's featured reef profile thread. [/eng] 恭喜Mini_GBR作为六月的每月一微缸,96L的缸已经有着成熟的生态系统。下面是他宝贵的三年经验的分享,如果你有任何问题,可以到这里Mini_GBR's featured reef profile thread. [eng] I have to start by saying that whilst I have always tried to build a system as great as those featured in the past, I can honestly say I never actually thought my system would ever reach that pinnacle. I take great pride in presenting my tank as the June 2009 TOTM and have to thank Christopher Marks, the moderators, and all the fellow reefers who have helped me get to this point, and for all the future help I'm sure I'll need! [/eng] 我想说的是,我一直都想有一个缸像这里的每月一微缸那么漂亮,但我从来没想过,我也能做到,谢谢版主Christopher ,同时谢谢每一个帮助我的鱼友, 我相信在将来还需要你们的建议 参数 [eng] Display: 18" x 19.7" x 19.6" JBJ 24 gallon Nano Cube Lighting: Current USA Sunpod HQI MH 150w with 14K Phoenix bulb Filtration: 40 lbs. of Kaelini live rock. Live rock rubble, Chemipure Elite and filter floss in chamber 1. 3.5" deep sand bed (40 lbs.), and a recently added Reef Octopus BH1000. Circulation: Maxijet 1200 as main pump, 2 mini-jet 606's with tubing and locline leading to the front of tank with pumps located in chamber 2, and 1 maxi-jet 1200 hidden within the rockwork. Heater: 1 Jäger 100w heater and 1 50w stealth backup, both in 3rd chamber. Cooling: Dual Azoo Cooling Fans Equipment: Digital Aquatics Reef Keeper 1, JBJ Auto Top Off (ATO) attached to two separate 7 gallon buckets with one bucket for the alk dosed water and a bucket for the calcium dosed water. RO/DI unit for making my top off water and saltwater. Established April 2006 [/eng] 主缸: 45cm x 49.25 x 49cm JBJ 96L成品缸小缸 光照: USA Sunpod 卤毒素 150W, Phoenix 14k 灯胆 过滤: 18.1公斤Kaelini活石, 碎石, Chemipure Elite filter floss , 8.75cm 厚底沙(18.1kg),最近新加的八爪鱼化蛋器BH1000 http://www.digitalaquatics.com/saltwater/RKL 循环: Maxjet 1200上水泵, 2个 mini-jet 606连上蛇形管,在第二格,在活石后面还藏了个 maxjet-1200 恒温: Jager 100W发热棒, 50W Stealh作备份, 都在第三格 水冷: 双核Azoo风扇 其它设备: Digital Aquatics Reef Keeper, JBJ自动滴定, 连着两个28L的水桶, 一个带有alk(NaHCO3)滴定,一个带有钙(CaCl)滴定,RO/DI纯水机 Digital Aquatics Reef Keeper 2006 4月开缸 历史 2007 5月 2008 2月 2008 3月 [eng] The first aquarium I ever started was back in high school close to 12 years ago and was built with 'old school thinking;' get the biggest aquarium possibly afforded for the best results. I learned a lot from that 3 year experience, plus the 8 months in Australia studying and diving the Great Barrier Reef (GBR, hence the name of Mini_GBR). After finishing school and getting a real job I was able to start the current system with a greater knowledge and ambition than my initial startup 12 years ago. It's amazing to see how exponential the growth has been in both the awareness and the technology since setting up that first aquarium. [/eng] 12年前,我在高中时候开了第一个海水缸,当然那时候用的是一种非常守旧的方法去饲养,在我能力范围内,我尽量买一个最大的的缸,我玩了3年,这个缸带给我许多经验,然后在澳洲留学时,8个月的大堡蕉潜水经历已给我很大的影响,所以我的名字叫 "迷你大堡蕉",当我毕业后,我得到一份直正的工作,我又像回到12年前一样,重新开缸,不过这次我是有备而来,因为我已经具有许多相关的知识,而且使用最新的技术,鱼缸里,能看到生物生成状况,实在美了。 [eng]


This system started originally as an all-in-one system with hood that I modified to have the original 72 watts of power compact lighting with an additional built in DIY 70watt halide, plus a few fans to keep the water chilled and the hood cooled. I really loved the clean look of the all in one hood, but after 2 years, the hood failed. Not having enough time to take it apart and fix it, I was forced to change to the open top I currently have with the 150w Sunpod. I have come to like the open top design (mostly because the growth from the 150w MH is so amazing), but there's nothing quite like my original. [/eng] 变化 一开始这是一个成品缸,还有灯盖,我在原来72W的光管的基础上,加了一个70W的卤素灯,并且在盖上加了个风扇降温,我喜欢简洁,所以这样的设计,我很喜欢,可惜的是2年以后,这个盖子生病了,我不得不升级我的灯具,变成开放式的缸, 我用的是150W Sun pod,慢慢地,我又开始喜欢开放式,主要原因,珊瑚的生长速度加快了,美中不足的是,没有原来的灯架那么安静 [eng]


• Make this system as automated as possible for consistency and ease of use. • Model my system after the The Great Barrier Reef by mimicking zonal regions with a variety of species. • Grow the system out enough to make it self-sustainable through the propagation of corals. Goal one was attainable mostly due to the great deal of research before building the system and knowing that to ultimately achieve goal 3, it was best that I build all of my hardware into my system up front. I think that while you can make you system modular and open to upgrades, my success came from doing it all from the beginning, and only upgrading if forced to, usually due to failed equipment. [/eng] 目标 1 尽量全自动化,并且保证水质的稳定 2 造景尽量模仿大堡蕉多生物化 3 让生物不断生长,不能繁殖下去 在开缸前, 第一点是经过大量的研究得出。 并且终极目标是第三点。在一开始,我就用了当时在市场上最好的器材,并且尽量使用一些标准的器材,以便以后升级容易,我觉得我的成功是因为我一开始都准备好了,只有在不得以的情况下才升级,通常是因为一些器材坏了 2006 9月 2007 5月 2008 2月 [eng] The Great Barrier Reef is a fascinating and beautiful organism, and I have tried my best to imitate it, if that is even possible. I have tried to build regions from top to bottom using more SPS at the top and working down to LPS and softies through the bottom. As I looked through the progression of the tank during the process of writing this, I realize I have had mixed results in this goal and have found myself buying and selling colonies throughout its life as things grew that aesthetically no longer worked, fit, or looked good. I think that with the current setup of corals and frags I have a better balanced tank with a diverse selection that will grow in nicely. [/eng] 大堡蕉的真的是很美的,我尽最大的努力去模仿它,我觉得还是有可能的。我在山顶放SPS,然后下面放 LPS,最下面放软珊瑚,我在写这个记录时,我看着它们的成长,我发现,最终的结果已经达到我开缸时的目标,同时,在我不断买进和卖出珊瑚的同时,审美观已经变得比较次要,只要它们在生长,我就觉得是最美的,现在的设定和珊瑚,还有断支,和多样性选择上,刚好达到平衡 [eng] As my system is reaching maturity I have only recently attained goal three. This is a great feeling because as much as I love this hobby, I realize that it is not one of the most ecologically friendly ones. The best thing that has happened in the hobby in the past 12 years since first starting is the amount of coral propagation that is going on. My hope is that one day this hobby will be primarily comprised of the buying and trading of propagated corals. [/eng] 当我的系统成熟后,上面3点自然已经达到了,这个感觉真好,我很喜欢这个爱好,虽然这个爱好并不是最环保的,最棒的是,现在一直都能不断地繁殖,自12年前,终于可以了,我喜欢最终能通过这个爱好,将来可以做断支生意 [eng]

Daily Routine

• Wave maker pumps on at 8am, off at 11:45pm. • Skimmer on at 10am, off at 4pm • Sunpod on at 11am, off at 11pm. • Blue moonlights on at 11pm, off at 1:30am [/eng] 每天开关 造浪泵8点开,晚上11:45关 化蛋10点开,下午4点关 灯11开,晚上11点关 蓝灯 晚上11点开,下午1:30关 [eng] Weekly I use a turkey baster to blow any settled detritus from the live rock and change out 5 gallons of mixed water. Then I top off the ATO tubs with supplements and water, plus add the other trace supplements to the system, and replace the filter floss. I used to test the Alkalinity, Calcium, Nitrates, and pH at least every few days, mostly when I was dialing in the solution for my top off containers of Alk and calcium. Now I test everything every couple of weeks since things have leveled out. I replace or clean out the carbon as needed, usually every 3 months. Every few months the SPS grows to be out of control and before cutting all light off to the bottom of the tank, I need to frag the colonies. If I can't trade, sell, or give the frags away, I take them to the best LFS I can get to, Vivid Aquariums, who I have a good relationship with and who will take my stuff in for a reasonable trade of food, additional livestock, or hard goods. [/eng] 每周我会用软管吸掉活石掉下来的垃圾,并且换20L水,然后我会打开滴定,添加新水,还有微量元素,最后,我还会换过滤棉 每隔一段时间,我就会测试KH,钙,NO2,NO3,PH,通常都是在我添加钙水和KH到大桶时才做,现在我每两周测一次,因为大体水体平衡了,3个月会换了一次活性炭 每隔几个月,SPS生成就会不受控制,我会剪下来然后将断支放在缸底,如果我不能卖掉它们或送出去,我会拿到当地最好的鱼店,Vivid水族店,和我有比较好关系,我可以和它换一些鱼粮,活石或器材什么的 补水和滴定 电子控制器 背滤 [eng]


I feed the system only occasionally. The fish get the occasional sprinkle of freeze dried cyclop-eeze and a generic pellet food. I try to feed the Acro's some Reef Nutrition Oyster Feast once a week. The LPS get an occasional mixture of frozen chopped squid, mysis, rotifers, clam, and some other store bought 'coral food mix.' I spot feed the LPS just after the main light turns off. I will turn off all the pumps and spot feed the LPS to try to keep the waste to a minimum, which is also why I only feed them once or twice a month due to the amount of time it takes. [/eng] 我不定时喂食,有时喂丰年虾,有时喂鱼粮.每星期喂珊瑚Reef Nutrition Oyster Feast. LPS的食粮有八爪鱼碎沫,丰年虾,轮虫,蚌肉,还有其它一些冰冻食粮.在灯和所有的泵关掉以后,我会对准LPS喂食,已尽量减少污染。这也是我为什么我一个月才喂一次的原因 http://www.reefbuilders.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/oyster.jpg Reef Nutrition Oyster Feast 古B和枪虾 小丑 [eng]


• Specific gravity: 35 ppt (1.026sg) • pH: 8.0 • Calcium: 460 - 500 ppm • Alkalinity: 9 dKH • Magnesium: 1200 ppm • Nitrate: < 5 • Temperature: 79.0° F – 79.5° F [/eng] 指标 比重: 1.026 PH:8 钙:460~500ppm KH:9 镁: 1200ppm 温度: 26~26.3 [eng]

Disasters & Regrets

Everyone's had them and I'm no different. The biggest was early in the progression of my tank when I went away for a weekend, only to return to a soaking wet carpet, empty ATO tanks, and empty chambers with bubbles spewing from the return pump. I hadn't attached anti-siphon valves to my Alk and Calcium ATO water pipes, and when the water got too high in the chambers, the water would siphon back into the ATO buckets, which would lower the water level in my tank and would repeat the process until by the end the ATO's had siphoned enough water to overflow. It had emptied close to 14 gallons of saltwater out of the tank, and replaced it with 14 gallons of freshwater that was dosed with Calcium and Alk. When I tested the tank, both were off the charts, with a salinity close to 1.011. This was right around the same time I had started introducing SPS frags into the tank, and I lost them all except for my montiporas. I have now changed the positioning of my ATO outputs and attached one-way valves so this can't happen again. Frankly I was lucky not to lose everything. My biggest regret was when my clams got too big for my system and I needed to trade them in for smaller ones. Unfortunately they were too well attached and in trying to gently remove them over a few weeks, I still damaged the foot and killed them both. Besides that, I haven't lost much other livestock, but I wish I hadn't done that. [/eng] 灾难和后悔的事 每个都会经历过,我也不例外。在刚设缸的时候,我因事外出一星期,回来的时候,发现湿透的地毯,补水桶没水可补, ,回水泵正打着泡沫,却无水可泵,当时滴定CA和KH的管道没有加上止逆阀,当水位足够高的时候,发生逆流,水流到我用作滴定的两个大水桶,因为水桶的水位比缸的水位要低,灾难就开始了。主缸的水逆流走56L,然后补水桶运作时补了56L淡水,而且这些淡水之前添加了KH和CA. 我测了一下KH和CA,但已经超出了测试剂可测范围,盐度1.011.除了一块瓦片,其它SPS全数阵亡,这可重新开缸没啥区别。我在滴定上添加了止逆阀,以保证将来不会重滔复切 [eng] My biggest regret was when my clams got too big for my system and I needed to trade them in for smaller ones. Unfortunately they were too well attached and in trying to gently remove them over a few weeks, I still damaged the foot and killed them both. Besides that, I haven't lost much other livestock, but I wish I hadn't done that. [/eng] 我最后悔的是,我的五爪贝长得越来越大,我需要将它拿出来和朋友交换或者是交易,很不幸的是,这个五爪贝粘得实在太牢了,我用了差不多一个时间将它拿下出来,不过它们的底部受到了伤害,比最终死去,从此之外,我没有损失过其它的生物,我希望将来也不要再出现 [eng] My system is reaching its maturity, and while I love changing things up, I don't foresee doing much more to this system except for the possibility of another fish and a few more SPS. When I eventually move from my current residence I will upgrade, but I'm happy with the way things are now. Living in California I plan on getting a backup generator to protect against all the natural disasters that come our way and knock out the power. For the amount of time and money we have all spent in this hobby, a few gallons of gas and a small generator is a small price to pay to be reassured the whole system doesn't crash in a prolonged outage. Eventually I plan to build an LED lighting system for this tank, mostly for the challenge, but also for the energy savings [/eng] 虽然我的缸已经成熟,可能升级的地方不多,但是我爱捣弄新的东西。我不能预见应该升级什么,但只要能让鱼和珊瑚更多一点的话,我都愿意去尝试,我相信,在我搬离现在的公寓的时候,我会换一个大缸,不过现在我对它仍然很满意 在加里福里亚洲这里,我打算买发电机,以备停电之需。我觉得花了这么多钱和时间在这个缸上,买一个汽油发电机能保障鱼缸,这点钱是很值得投入的 最后,我还想DIY一套LED的灯具,不仅因为有挑战性,而且能够节省能源 夜光灯照片 [eng]


A deep sand bed within the aquarium with a varied cleanup crew to stir the sand and eat various algae and detritus is important. I love the look of it and still think it aides in the filtration overall. This tank is an example of high flow (close to 1000gph) and a deep sand bed. All it takes is some trial and error and aiming outputs in the right spots. Skimmers are not necessary for systems our size, though they can allow for a more lax maintenance routine. I say this because I ran my system for 3 years without one, and haven't seen enough change for the better since adding it. In fact, it has created new problems that may lead to its removal. [/eng] 哲学 厚底沙加上一系列的翻沙生物,并且吃藻和垃圾的生物由为重要.不仅好看而且它承担了整个缸的过滤.这个缸是强造流加厚底沙的一个最好的例子(水流4000L/每小时), 这些都是经过反复试验的结果 在这样的一个小缸,化蛋器并不是必需的,他们可以让我们维护更少一些,但是,3年以来,我没有化蛋器,一直也很好,即使后来加了化蛋,也感觉不到什么效果,反而化蛋有可能带来一些新的问题 [eng] I believe that careful planning of hardware and selection of coral has made this system successful, but the reef keeper was the best money I spent to help me in my automation and consistency. With the built in wavemaker and the ability to keep the system within a .5 degree of variance all, it has helped a great deal in keeping my corals happy. Every system has its own unique problems as it matures. Mine was keeping zoanthids, which I originally wanted to keep a lot of. I have come to find that this system loves SPS and LPS, not the softies. So while I have emphasized throughout the importance of having a good plan for your tank, be able to alter that plan when things aren't working out for you. [/eng] 我相信这个系统之所以成功,完全归于一开始做计划时的硬件选择,和入缸的所选的珊瑚种类.Reef Keeper控制器是我花钱最多的东西,但它保证了我的系统自动化和稳定性.加上内置的造流控制,所有的参数都在一个很小的范围类波动 每一个既使成熟的系统都有它自己的问题,我的问题是纽扣,刚开始,我想养一堆各色不样的纽扣,不过后来,我发现我更喜欢SPS和LPS,而并不是软珊瑚,所以我强调,你要想好你的计划,这样做每一件事才不会偏离你的目标 2009 6月照片 [eng] Add things slowly and choose wisely. Remember that the goal is to get your coral to grow into the aquarium, not grow out of your aquarium, which will give the system a more natural appearance. This also takes a lot of thinking ahead since LPS are especially difficult to frag once they get too large and grow onto the rockwork, so plan ahead ways to frag your LPS within your tank. I use small rubble placed around my colonies that I can break and cut off as the colony grows over it, which has worked really well. [/eng] 有耐心慢慢地加生物,并且对添加的生物有所取舍,我们并不是想让珊瑚长到缸外,而是保证它在鱼缸里生长并能形成一个自然景色。所以,你提提前想好,特别是LPS这种珊瑚不是这么容易剪断支,但是它会长得很大很大,你要想好如何为你的LPS动手术,在它们疯狂生成好,我会将它分支,然后粘在碎石上。 [eng] When setting up my aquascaping I found that I was able to create a stronger, more stable structure without glue or putty when the system was dry. While aquascaping is difficult after the introduction of livestock, the best time to make your structure is in the beginning when you are cycling the tank so you can test a bunch of different looks. Also, if you go with a sand bed, use several sections of pvc pipe sunk just beneath the sands surface where the main bulk of you rock work sits. This helps to not only create a stable structure for the rockwork to sit on, but if you have digging creatures, the rockwork won't be able to shift much. [/eng] 既使在没放水的情况下,在一开始造景的时候,我发现我能在不用胶水的情况下也能彻一个很稳当的石景。 但是,当你将生物添加去后,想再移动就不是这么简单的事了,所以最好的方法是,一开始尽可能的尝试多几次不同形态的造景。如果你打算用厚底沙,可以用PVC管插在沙里,然后做成一套活石基架,这样你的石头就不会掉下来,稳固多了,但是,如果你已经放了生物,这时才动手,会困难得多 [eng] Find or build a community of fellow reefers. I am fortunate to live in southern California where the hobby is very strong, and to have fellow reefers and a local fish store that sells amazing frags that I can grow out in order to sell or trade back to. This community has helped make my tank what it is today and helps to further the ultimate goal of making the hobby self-sustainable. [/eng] 找到一个本地的鱼友群,我有幸在加里南部的福里亚洲,这里的鱼友比较多而且技术也好,本地的鱼店卖许多超靓的断支,我也能将我的断支卖回给鱼店或鱼友。这里的社区成就了我的缸最终目标, 自我平衡发展. [eng] As always, ask questions and do research, which I continue to do. There is so much information to reference now, and as much as I've learned, there's always someone who knows more. With that said, if there is anything specific I haven't answered about my tank or experiences you might want to know more about, I'm happy to answer what I can. Hope you all enjoyed. [/eng] 就像我经常说了,多提问题多做研究,我也一直是这样子。现在有许多的信息可以做参考,在我学的过程中,不管每一方面,总有一些人知道得比你多。如果我有什么经验我没有作答的,而你又想知道的,请提出,我很高兴能帮你一齐解决,最后,谢谢所有人的阅读