[eng] Congratulations to Stoney Waters for being selected for our July Reef Profile! His 40 gallon nano reef is a masterfully designed custom aquarium. Below he has written a profile of his aquarium's progress over the past two years, and shares his experiences in the hobby. Check it out and share your comments and questions in Stoney Water's featured reef profile thread. [/eng] 恭喜Stoney Waters成为7月的每月一缸,他的160L微缸有着极为专业的设计,下面是缸的两年历程,同时分享他的经验,可以到这里和作者一起讨论 [eng] I would like to say how honored I am to be featured in this months reef profile. I feel truly humbled to be in the same company as the great tanks that came before. I would also like to issue a special thanks to Chris and Nano-Reef for giving me this opportunity. I am certain that this tank would never come to be what it is today, if not for all the wonderful people and wealth of information this site has to offer. [/eng] 我要谢谢每一个朋友,比起之前获奖的缸,我还有许多要学习的地方,同时特别要感谢Chris和nano-reef网站给我的这个机会,如果没有Nano-reef的鱼友分享,永远都没有今天可以在这里Show我的缸 2007 11月 2008 1月 2008 7月 [eng] Display: AGA 40 gallon breeder 36" L x 18" W x 16" H Lighting: Custom built pendant on sliding track system. 2 x 150w Reeflux MH, fan cooled. T-5 actinics. Led moonlighting DIY System Controller: Automates and controls all aspects of the system. Lighting, circulation, heating, top offs. Stand: Custom built wood Sump: AGA 20L. Chambered and baffled with refugium. Filtration: Aqua C Remora Pro skimmer. Custom built kalk reactor. Equipment: 250w Visitherm heater. DIY ATO. DIY semi automatic water change system. Circulation: Main: Quiet One 4000HH through two drilled returns with Hydor flo's. Closed loop: Mag 7 through two drilled returns. Established October 2007 [/eng] 主缸:AGA 160L 100cm x 45cm x 40cm 灯光: 有滑块的DIY灯罩, 2 x 150W Reeflux灯胆, 风扇降温, T5HO x 2, LED夜光灯 DIY系统控制器: 自动控制灯光,主泵,发热棒,滴定 底柜:订做的柜 底缸: AGA 20L ,分作几格,有微生物格 过滤: Aqua C Remora Pro 化蛋器, 订做的石灰水反应器 设备: 250W Visitherm 发热棒, DIY  自动补水器, DIY自动换水系统 循环: Quite One 4000主泵, 两个出水口, Mag 7闭循环造流. 喜多造流泵 开缸时间 2007 十月 [eng] Temp: 78-80 degrees Specific Gravity: 1.026 PH: 8.2 CA: 400 ppm ALK: 10 dkh [/eng] 温度: 24~26.6度 比重: 1.026 PH:8.2 钙: 400ppm KH: 10dkh [eng]

I try to keep my maintenance routine simple and on schedule. I clean the glass daily and perform a 5 gallon water change weekly. I use filter socks so I switch them out when they become clogged, usually every five to seven days. Specific parameters are tested at the time of water changes. Top offs are performed via an ATO.


我尽量有规律的进行维护, 我每天都擦一下玻璃,每周换20L的水,我用丝袜过滤,每当差不多堵的时候,我就换一只,大约是5到7天的样子。一般在换水的时候会测试各种指标,补水通过自动滴定



Fish are fed soft pellets daily and corals and inverts are fed a soupy mixture of DT's, cyclops, brine, and Prime reef every two or three days.





As I remember the thought process of this tank began in the fall of 2005. After finishing my 12g Nano-Cube and becoming quite bored, I began contemplating an upgrade. I wanted a system that was not too large, but also not so small that I might lose interest after a short time. Not long after I stumbled across a 40 g breeder at a LFS and realized this was the perfect tank.




The dimensions were right, it could be drilled, and it fit perfectly in my vision of the ultimate small reef aquarium. Over the next twelve months I went over in my mind a thousand different scenarios of how this system should be built. It wasn't until I ran across a $20 halogen shop light at Lowes that everything clicked and fell into place. I brought the light home and began transforming it into a metal halide pendant. It was about this time that I started my thread "The Stoney Waters Experience" where the rest of the story is well documented. By October of '07 most of the system was complete and salt water was added. After a lengthy cycle, corals were added and the evolution began and continues to this day


尺寸刚刚好,而且可以钻洞,在后来的12个月,我心里面有上千个方案是关于如何开缸的,直到我花了20美金买了灯.我还买了反光罩的材料,开始DIY卤素灯灯罩,"The Stoney Waters Experience" 这里可以看到整个过程,07 十月,终于开缸了,在一段很长的时间里面,随着系统成熟,添加生物,就成了现在这般景像


Words Of Wisdom

Measure twice cut once.

Advice To New Reefers

• Be patient, think things through thoroughly before acting or adding anything. • Research, read, search, Google. Do whatever it takes to gain as much info as possible. • Don't ever be intimidated. Everyone was a noob at one time.










Once again, I thank Christopher Marks for giving me this opportunity to showcase my tank. This site he maintains is hands down the best source of information, insight, and wisdom on the internet. Special thanks to all the NR members, the knowledge they provide is endless. I'd also like to thank my wife for not putting her foot through the tank, and to my kids for keeping the questions coming. They make it all worth while.

Thanks to all,


再一次感谢Christopher Marks给我的这个机会,这个网站有着最好的信息和资源,还有许多鱼友,特别谢谢Nano-reef上面的会员,我还要谢谢我妻子没有干涉我这个爱好,还有要谢谢我的孩子提出的问题,他们让我觉得这个缸很物有所值