2008十月 每月一微缸 Kasey的120L SPS缸

[eng] *Introduction: *Thanks for all the votes everyone! I've been in the hobby for about 5 years now, and the experience has definitely had it's up's and down's. This tank, though, has definitely been a blast to build and take care of. The tank is an AGA 30g breeder, that has had a false wall siliconed to create a sump; that's why I call it a 25g. The age of the reef reached almost 11 months before I had to tear it down due to a move (i'll still be typing as if the tank is in the present). Now, the corals currently reside in my new 65g. Thanks again for voting and check out the post. If there are questions, feel free to post them! [/eng] 引言: 谢谢所有投我一票的朋友 我已经玩了5年了.个人饲养经验既有优势也有缺陷.但是这个缸绝对花了我不少心血. 这个缸是AGA 120L的繁殖缸 (译者注: USD80 左右)个人 由于有背滤,所以我为什么他只有100L,开缸至今有11个月了.因为搬家,实际上所有的珊瑚也随之搬走,我边写这篇介绍边在想像我的缸还在我身边 现在,我已经将所有珊瑚搬到我的260L新缸中,谢谢大家看这个贴子,有什么问题,欢迎提出! [eng] *The Setup:* *Filtration:* The filtration on the system is extremely simple; it consists of 40lb of live rock, SV-2 Skimmer (locally made), and lots of flow. *Pumps*: Mag 3 return pump, (1) Koralia 4, (1) Koralia 1, (2) Nano Koralia's. *Lighting*: Lumenarc III Mini DE, 250w Coralvue electronic ballast, and a 250w 14k Phoenix. [/eng] 设备: 过滤:过滤超级简单, 就是40磅的活石,还有Sv-2化蛋器(本地产的哦) ,还有一些造流泵 回水:Mag 3回水泵, Koralia 4 x 1, Koralia 1 x 1, Nano Koralia x 1 光照: 250W钻罩第三代 Lumerarc III,随附带的250W震流器, 14K phoenix 色温灯 喜多造流泵: Refer to http://www.reefbuilders.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/07/hydor-koralia-magnum-6.jpg 250W 钻罩 Refer to:http://www.aquacave.com/lumenarc-iii-mini-mogulbr-base-reflector-1210.html# [eng] *Maintenance and Dosing:* 20% weekly water changes with Instant Ocean and *Oceanic salt* mixes. 2 tsp Bio-Calcium daily 3/4 tsp Bio-Magnesium daily <1/4 tsp Bio-Strontium daily 1 drop TM Lugol's Solution every other day 8 drops of Rotifeast every night 8 drops of Phytofeast twice a week 1g Kalkwasser Drip every night Reef Builder as needed Older Pics of the Setup: [/eng] 维护: 每星期换1/5的水,用的是红十字鱼盐和Oceanic Salt 每天两茶匙生化钙 每天3/4茶匙 生化镁 每天小于1/4茶匙 生化锶 每两天1滴的TM碘添加剂 8滴RotiFeast 每晚 8滴Phytofeast 一周两次 每晚1克石灰水 Reef builder看情况添加 产品附图说明: Reef Builder提升KH Refer to:http://www.seachem.com/Products/product_pages/ReefBuilder.html Roti-feast (译者注: 一种食物,对比起Phyto, Phyto就是素食, Roti是肉食) Refer to:http://www.reefnutrition.com/rotifeast/index.htm TM碘添加剂 Refer to:http://www.melevsreef.com/pics/macna17/tm_lugols.jpg Oceanic Salt 盐 Refer to:http://www.oceanicsystems.com/products/salt/ 刚开缸时的照片: [eng] very nice and well deserving tank...can you please tell us a bit more about the feeding of the Roti-feast and Phyto? how long do you shut off your pumps to feed? do you really see a noticeable difference feeding the tank? If you didn't skim, would you be feeding these products? [/eng] 问:实致名归的缸,你能告诉我关于Roti-feast和Phyto两种饲料的使用经验吗?喂食过程中需要关掉上水泵吗?你有没有发现一些明显的变化呢?如果你没有使用化蛋器,你还会用这些产品吗? [eng] Thanks Kev! When I fed the tank, I would typically turn off the return pump and let the skimmer continue to run. This allowed me to isolate the display. I would still keep the power heads moving while I dropped the 4 drops in front of the K4 and then 4 drops in front of the K1. I always noticed increased *PM* during feeding, which led me to assume that they were definitely utilizing it. The colors seemed to start to "pop" a bit more after a few months of this. I can't necessarily pin that on the feeding, but I'm a firm believer that it is of great benefit. [/eng] 答:谢谢,当我喂食的时候,我会关掉上水泵,不过化蛋器并不会关掉,我的造流仍然会开着,我会先滴4滴在4号造流泵前面,然后再滴4滴在1号造流泵前面,我会发现他们毛毛(触手)会伸长,所以我知道这些喂食是有作用的,几个月后,我觉得SPS的颜色发生了一点变化,我不敢说完全是因为使用了这些产品的原因,不过我相信这些产品真的是有效的 [eng] Another method I would use once a week is to mix the Roti-feast and Phyto-feast into a cup of tank water. I would then target feed them. I also forgot to mention that I would use this method with Cyclopeeze about every other week; I was suprised to see that most of the acros could actually catch and hold the pieces. [/eng] 另一种方法是,我每星期会将Roti-feast 和 Phyto-feast混在一杯水里,然后再有目标性的喂我的珊瑚,并且忘了说的是,我每星期还使用了Cyclopeeze (译者注:类似丰年虾,在淡水中生存),我非常惊喜,我的Acro居然会捉住这些食物. [eng] Feeding was always done at night time, after the light had been off for atleast an hour. I believe this gives them a more consistant rate of nourishment, using the light during the day and feeding off the water at night. Please understand that this is all kind of experimental, as is most of the hobby. [/eng] 喂食时间总是在晚上,并且一般是在关灯后的一个小时,我相信这样能保持营养度,白天开灯,晚上关灯喂食,这基本上是所有鱼友采用的方法 [eng] Just before I went to bed (usually an hour later), I would turn the return pump back on and start the kalkwasser drip. I hope this helps! [/eng] 在我睡觉前的一个小时,我会将回水泵重新通上电源,并且滴石灰水,希望这些信息能够帮助你

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